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Its 1st appearance was in the 1800's, it was known as tar paper. Originally it was constructed by literally putting tar on paper.  This didn't last very long and would begin to perish for example if tares would start to appear and it would begin to rot. The next improvements came from using heavier paper. Asbestos was used as a waterproofing agent but as research emerged detailing the health benefits the use of asbestos was discontinued.  After many attempts the felt roofing was mastered when polyester was developed as the fibre base for felt roofing. Organic felt options began with rag felt, a material made from the fibre of rags.

Today's high performance felts are reinforced with polyester or glass or a mixture of both and are coated and impregnated with bitumen

The Benefits

Bitumen felt flat roofing has many benefits. Most damages to Felt roofing can be repaired. Other benefits are as follows

  • Low maintenance
  • more economical
  • virtually impossible to tear
  • withstand extreme weather
  • comes with a 10 year guarantee

How its applied

Bitumen felt  is probably the most economic form of roof covering material for domestic flat roofs. They can used on timber, metal and concrete decks.

  1. Original roof is stripped down
  2. New 8x4x3/4inch plywood boards are applied
  3. A 2mm torch on underfelt is applied
  4. A 4mm torch on capping felt is applied
  5. Felt flashings are placed on the perimeter edge of the roof
  6. A solar reflective paint solution is painted on as required

Felt roofing can be applied at any time except when it is raining.  The Felt roofing is a less costly material.

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